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About me

 “Our journey on this planet is brief and the beauty around us is limitless,” she notes. “Capturing a few fleeting moments of beauty on canvases is what motivates me to paint. While outside, I spend hours as a witness to nature’s elements—her gift of light, birth, death, color, and moods.  As an artist, I'm challenged to translate those moments to a canvas….spending hours contemplating light, shadow, smells, temperature and energy and how that translates to an artistic composition. I'm schooled everyday by nature and grateful for the wealth of knowledge and primitive beauty she brings to me daily”


Toril Fisher studied painting and metals at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and completed her BFA at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington State. After a 28 year “delay” - 2019 marks the first year she has gone “all in” to pursue a full time career in art.